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Friday, April 28, 2006

Ice Age: The Meltdown (Review)

With only 3 weeks of school left and the summer starting I will probably be at the movie theatre a lot. First up in my 2006 Summer reviews is Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. I had a free ticket when I bought Ice Age dvd and it expired today and my class was canceled so I went. First, there was only 3 people besides my self in the whole theatre and it was nice. The movie is really funny, no dull moments and if it starts getting dull then they went back to the squirel with his nut, poor squirel. This Ice Age is about the heard which is Manny and Mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the sabertooth tiger, are looking after some kids and Sid is planning to jump off of this ice glacier but Manny and Diego save him but in the proccess they see that the ice is melting. The group is told by a vulture that in 3 days the ice would melt and flood the valley so Manny Sid and Diego set off for a boat to save themselves from this flood. On the way the meet a group of possiums and another mammoth who thinks she's a possium. Well like all childrens movies they all made it through the flood with the help of the squirel and his nut to live another day. The most funniest moment is at the end we see the squirel die and the squirel got to a squirel heaven and can have all the nuts he wants as well as a big master nut and his about ready to eat it when Sid saves his life and comes back to earth. The squirel is mad and tries to immitate Bruce Lee and kicks sid's but like an old merry melodies cartoon and that is the end of the film. I will probably pick this up on dvd and would recommend for a pop culture laught like shrek is.



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