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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Final SeaTac Thoughts

Well here it is 4:17 on Sunday morning, I am currently in the internet cafe next to the hotels starbucks and can’t sleep. My thoughts are racing about what happened this weekend. In my last article “Greetings from SeaTac” I told my day and how I got to SeaTac but didn’t explain what I was doing in SeaTac. To begin I was flown up here with my father to look at property by NRPI (National Recreational Properties) ((The one that Erik Estrada does the infomericals for))but getting back to the property, which was called Anderson Island is near Steilacoom WA. For those who don’t know Washington State Steilacoom is 50 miles south of Seattle on I-5 and about 20 miles south of Tacoma and 20 miles north of Olympia. The Island itself is 3 miles from Steilacoom and is only reachable by ferry. The island does have a lot of lifes convences which are telephone, electricity, cable TV (through comcast) and a gas station as well a general store, fire department, elementry school, golf course and marina. The problem I saw with the island is that the price of the land which each parcel was really small and the cost to build a house and the idea of the cost to the HOA to build the house and no natural gas and septic tank for waste, was ridiculous especially when the ferry off the island runs every 2 hrs and ends at 8:00pm weekdays and 10:00 on weekends which is not my type of life. My only thoughts which some people might appriciate is that the island is close to Intel in Dupont WA so if I got a job which is unlikly because I’m not an enginner for microprocessors but even if I did maybe I would live on Anderson otherwise I wouldn’t. Well SeaTac was nice in the weather and I wish that I had more time to stay but it’s back to Sac this morning. So this is Sleepless in SeaTac saying GOOD MORNING.

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