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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Day After

Well I have been bloging a lot lately but because I have been doing things I decided to talk about it. My wordpress blog has been ok, if you want to read this at wordpress otherwise let me talk about my flight home.. I first was on the plane again Sac State track and Field team and they won so they were parting on the plane. Second I got to fly in First Class, whoot. My father found out only 3 people were in first class and got us bumped, so I got a huge seat without a lot of people and better service, it was my first time in first class and I wished the flight was longer than 1 hr but it was a great hour. But today I'm paying for going on the trip, I am dead tired and with my long day at school it is hell. I got a test this week in Phys so god help me. Also I wanted to direct a comment to Sean (CONGRADULATIONS) I hope that your new job at Pelco brings you happiness, especially you will be with Sarah more. Well thats it now I need to sleep and go to class.

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