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Friday, May 19, 2006

DΛ Vinci Code (Review)

I had my group presentation yesterday in my software enginnering class and decided that Physics sucks so I didn't take my final but that is ok I am retaking it in the fall. I had a buy one get one free so I took my father to see DΛ Vinci code, which was very interesting, I am not a relgious man but I question relgion more after seeing this movie. I can see why it is being considered contraversial from the catholics as well as christian faiths. I went online after seeing the movie to look at the last supper by DΛ Vinci and the movie is correct there might well be a hidden message that I never thought of before. The movie is long at 2.5 hrs so be prepared but I is intereguing, I never read the book but the movie does explain what is going on. Basically for people who never heard anything about it The Louvre Museum curator was shot so he positioned himself like Vitruvian Man by DΛ Vinci and left clues to the killer as well as religon. Tom Hanks is blamed for the murder and is brought in for his skills in symbols. We go through the rabbit hole and find the holy grail, It is a must see not just as a movie but to question faith.



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