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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poseidon (Review)

After having my hardest final last night I needed some time to unwind so I decided to go see Poseidon, first because I am a fan of the Poseidon Aventure which was produced by Irwin Allen like Towering Inferno but because of getting the bonus points for my regal card as well as free popcorn. So I just finished watching the movie and currently sitting in lab waiting for my 131 partners so heres the low down on this movie. It sucks. I hate that the computer graphics were more important then the acting in this film. There were multiple scenes I thought I was watching Titanic again with how the ship went to Starboard and how it sunk. This movie stars Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas & Richard Dreyfuss and the SS.Poseidon is at sea and at the stoke of midnight new years the ship is struck by a gigantic wave and the ship turns over and people try to escape. The bad part of this movie is the water scenes were very fake, very little interesting dialoge and if you watched the 1972 film then you would know when people would die. What can I say this movie is boring and not worth it for a remake. All I can say is I am planning to see only 3 more movies this summer which will be The Da Vinci Code, X3:The Last Stand, & Superman:Returns I hope these will be better than this movie eventhough 2 are sequals.



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