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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sacramento Kings 2005-2006 Season

The Sacramento Kings 2005-2006 Season has come to a close. With this years 1st round series being the World Champion San Antionio Spurs the Kings lost Game6 at Arco Arena with a score 105-83. I knew that this years Kings team wouldn't make it out of the first round way before playoffs started but when we almost won Game 2 and did win Games 3+4 I thought that we could win the series. The Kings had their chance to go up 3 games to 2 in game 5 but lost like always and just sucked tonight. I want to thank the league for at least giving us two wins this year than a single win or a sweep but still sucks. Last year I said on May 4 the same thing about the end of the season and this year is no better. We made a lot of changes this year which I believe have helped the kings like getting Bonzi Wells and Ron Artest. If it wasn't for those trades the Kings wouldn't even make the playoffs this year. I am sick and tired of Sacramento never given the chance or the oppertunity to win a championship because of money. I already heard the BS from Grant Napier and he says with little tweaks we might win next year but you know how many years I've heard that crap. Also with the city not wanting to build a new arena and people's interest of spending the money decreasing I believe the Kings will leave Sacramento within the next two years or less, which will cause lots of problems with this town. I am very upset that the leauge puts the almighty dollar to have the winner vs talent.

I know that it will be Clippers vs Lakers and Dallas vs San Antonio next round then confrence will be Lakers vs San Antionio which is a whole California vs Texas and Texas will win beacuse of our president but in the finals I predict it will be San Antonio vs Miami and San Antonio will win another championship (who cares).

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