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Sunday, May 07, 2006

M:I:3 (Review)

Continuing my Summer Movie fest and with time last night I went and saw the 8:00 showing of M:i:III I had a free ticket so I went, the theatre was packed I was lucky to get a seat. So the movie starts with Tom Cruise beaten up and getting threatened to loose a woman he cares about and is given to the count of ten or she dies and we reach 10 and the gun fires which queues the credits. We then are then in a house with Tom and that same girl in which we find out that he is going to get married to her, he also told the family that he works for the Department of Transportation. We find out that actually he hasn't been on a mission in a while and has been training agents. When one of his pupils named Lindsay is kidnapped on assignment Ethan goes in to rescue her but fails and finds out that she was trailing Owen Davian a international weapons and info provider played by Philip Symore Hoffman. Ethan captures Davian but he escapes and there is a major twist but he captures Ethan's wife and must get a weapon called "The rabbits foot" and Ethan gets it but we go back to the begining of the movie and find out she doesn't die, then Ethan is dying by a implanted bomb in his head so his wife shocks im to death. Then has a hard time brining him back to life. The movie ends with Ethan going on his honeymoon. The movie had lots of interesting action and gadets and twists like the first film but had some stuipid things like the notion of Ethan dying or his wife. Also there was some slow parts but that's ok. The funny thing is that Laurence Fishborne is playing the IMF director and there is a scene when he thinks Ethan is out of line and is retraining him and how Fishborne acted was like Agent smith in the matrix otherwise I would say this mission is a lot better than the last but not as good as original.




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