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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World Trade Center (Review)

9/11/01 what a tragic day and now 5 years later Oliver stone made a movie about WTC (World Trade Center) The movie starrs Nick Cage as John McLoughlin and Michael Pena as Will Jemino, which are 2 port authority cops. The movie starts with just another day in NY and then Jemino is called back to the station and McLoughlin assigns some of his cops to check out the trade center since the first tower was attacked. They believed it was like the attack in 1993 so they get down to the tower and then get their supplies and then between tower 1 and 2 in the concourse the building collapses but we don't see it colapse. Then after being burried under the rubble the second tower collapses then the rest of the movie is about Jemino and McLoughlin trying to keep each other alive while trapped by the rubble. It shows their families and that is about it. I thought that the movie really didn't show that much of a tear jerker because the two cops didn't get anyone out of the Towers nor did Director Oliver Stone show the Trade Center getting hit by the planes nor colapsing just sounds and rubble. I wished this movie showed more heroics like the NYPD and Fire and Port Authority acutally did in life which would have been more accurate but it is a good start to talk about that tragic day.


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