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Friday, July 21, 2006

2006-2007 VW Rabbit

So it has been almost 30 years since my father has owned a VW Rabbit and just this month VW has announced and released instead of a Golf which has been in Germany and what the Rabbit is actually but has reintroduced the Rabbit. So Dad and I test drove one tonight. We went to Niello VW about 15 miles from the house and all I have to say is what a crappy car. I am very spoiled with my 03 Camry with all the extras and this car had verry little with it also when driving it, it felt like driving a Passat or a Jetta which to me suck. My father was also disappointed with the car and also wished it had Naviagion as well as better bells and whistles. I know that my father wants to buy one like his 78 because that was the car that my mother and father met with. I think it is a missing my mom and midlife thing. Oh well all I have to say is I really want an Acura RL all the more.

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