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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Review)

Yo ho, Yo ho a boring movie for me. Ha ha. Well I went to see the 2nd pirates today with my aunt and this movie with a runtime of 2.5 hrs is very long and not as much action as the first. The movie starts with Will and Elizabeth going to get married but we find out that the new East India trading company man wants Capt. Jack's compass to find the heart of Davy Jones. We found out the reason that Jack is the Capt. of the Black Pearl is because of Davy Jones. Most of this movie is building up to from Will trying to find Jack to then Will to his father Bootstrap Bill. As well as Admrl. Norington trying to get his life back because he is now a useless drunk for not capturing Jack in the first movie. The sad part of this movie is that they lead you with a long boring build up to about 30 minutes then it is very much action as well as Jack dies or so we think as well as everyone is miserable and Capt. Barbosa is still alive. Which is the cliffhanger for the 3rd movie next year. It sceamed more like the Matrix Trilogy is their guide of how this movie went which we all know based on that trilogy Neo saved the day and didn't die so in this one Jack saves the day also. Maybe or maybe not. We will have to see. I suggest watching it for the effects but the story is a good continuation but it is boring until the end.


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