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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Up in the Air (Review)

The new Year rings in and Akshat and David and I wanted to get together and do something. We decided to have dinner and watch a movie. After having my first experience at a Persian restaurant and having a good trout. It was time to figure out what movie and where. Both myself and Akshat had seen Avatar and I wanted to see Alvin and the Chipmunks I was told that it was a stupid movie it was decided to see a Chick Flick. I still don't know why but I had no problems. We went to the century on Howe and it was busy, but 10.25 for a movie there sucks when I could go to Regal and Paladio and have a nicer seat and not a crappy projector. I also have to say this but the 2 teens next to me were making out and were feeling each other up which I was not trying to watch them but it couldn't be helped.
I as digress Up in the Air stars George Clooney. He is a guy who works for a company to fire people when the company that people work for cannot. Think the 2 consultants from Office Space to improve productivity. Well that is George Clooney role but not to improve productivity just to fire people. He flies from city to city for about 300 days a year just firing people and doing it in a way that will not provoke a lawsuit and making people feel that they might have a chance to get another job. Everything is great until he learns going back to his headquarters in Omaha NE that they hired a young girl who has created a way to fire people over the internet and that it would save the company millions in travel expenses not to fly people around to fire people. Clooney trying to be hip says its like firing people with iChat. To show the company that it takes more he goes with the girl around showing how he fires people. She learns that it does take more and pushes Clooney to try and have a real life. He is in love with a women who flies as much as him and is like him but with a vagina as the move states. Well the iChat thing goes and then is decided it doesn't work and he is in love and decides to see the women outside of the flying scenes and finds out she is married and has kids. The movie ends with Clooney reaching his goal which is a fantasy it doesn't happen in life but making 1million miles on American Alines and is the 7th person to do it and gets special rewards.
The movie is a good story but yes it is a chick flick but at least it does have it's funny moments and for only being 1.6 hrs it goes fast. I would recommend if you want a cute and somewhat sad because of firing everyone story but it is good. And at least the 2 teens next to me thought it was good for what they were doing too.


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