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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New TV/Finals

My old bedroom tv which was made by Toshiba was a piece of crap and after having it for 3 years Toshiba wasn't going to fix it anymore eventhough I had an extended warrenty they told me that they authorized for it to be returned to the retailer that I bought it from. I bought it at Costco before they changed their rules so Costco took it back eventhough I got approval from Toshiba. To make a long story short, I went after returning the Toshiba to buy a Sony KD-34XBR970 which has a ATSC tuner built in with QAM so I am getting all the Hi-Def channels for over the air. This TV is very sexy and I am very impressed. I recommend it if shopping for a TV this is the best Tube tv available and only one model would beat it which is the last years model because has more features but has lots of problems.
Now turning from the TV to Finals I got my grades for the semester which wasn't my finest work but oh well, I got a B- in Software Engineering, C+ in Database Management, C in Advanced Data Structures & a D in Computing Theory. I also didn't take my final in Physics so I got an F so I know I got to retake it.


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