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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007 (Review)

Well after downloading the 300 MB file from microsoft and trying to install it 3 times I finaly got the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta to work. The first change is the interface of the programs. I am currently using the Windows Vista theme that it comes with. The first problem that I noticed when running it is that all old files are run in compatability mode because this new office is designed in XML with the .Net framework, so old word files that were .doc are not .docx also what I have noticed after running it for only two days is that it is crappy in everyday work. I cannot find two simple things that should be there and have no clue on how to get to it. One is the double spacing, microsoft has spacing my pixle size not by single, double or whatever you want. Also I noticed when manipulating photos in word, or Powerpoint you cannot change size by percentage anymore. There are some handy features in each program like saving things to different formats are easier, also making your document to stand out is easier like making a photo 3d. The problem I see is that this office is really GUI based and not easy to use everyday. Also when I opened an old powerpoint I was not able to see some of my old animated Gifs working so that could be a translation error. Also in Access the VBA code that runs my Database that I just finnished will run if you approve the Microsoft Trust Center approval because VBA can cause Virusus according to Microsoft. I would if you want to try it the go ahead. The beta is good until Febuary 2007 then you have to reinstall the previous version of Office. To learn more about office click here

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