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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns (Review)

In a one word review of superman returns would be "boring" with the run time of 2.5 hrs it was so boring that I almost fell asleep at the theatre. Superman Returns is about superman returning to earth after being gone for 5 years. The reason is that he believed that Krypton was still there based on information from astronomers. Well what I like about the movie is that they do give lots of credit to the previous movies like the intro credits were very much like the Christopher Reeves films also having the George Reeve Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane in the movie for 2 scenes was touching and having Perry White played by Frank Langella say "Great Cesars Ghost" and Lois still trying to smoke and Lex Luther stealing the Kryptonite from that originally came Addis Ababa but now in the Metropolis Museum and other little inside superman jokes. The problem with this movie which was very supprising is it Bryan Singer film the director of Xmen made this movie worry more about the catching up and the recreating of scenes that the movie didn't have much action or really a great plot. I believe that the film did have great justice to Christopher Reeves and the cast in the 70's but this superman is just too long.



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