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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X3: The Last Stand (Review)

Now that school is over I wanted to continue going to watch movies at the theatre so I went and saw X3: The Last Stand. I love the X-Men series of movies because Prof. Xavier is played by Patrick Stewart. Well first off, he dies in this movie, as well as Cyclops and Jean Gray. The movie starts with Prof. X and Magneto going to Jean's house 20 years before and getting her to go to Prof. Xavier's school. We then switch to the current day and learn that a company called Worthington Pharmaceuticals has created a cure that suppresses the mutant gene. Well Magneto doesn't believe that Mutants should bow down and take the cure because there is nothing wrong with them, so he decides to go to war. Well the X-Men are still grieving from Jeans death in X2, especially Scott so he goes back to Alkali Lake and Jean comes out of the lake, they have a passionate kiss and he dies. Then the X-men bring her back to the school and we found out that Jean has 2 personalities, 1 is Jean, and the other is called "The Phoenix" which Xavier suppressed because the Phoenix is like evil. So the cure is stored at Alcatraz and the climax is Magneto attacks Alcatraz and the X-men stop him and use the cure on Magneto. The bad part of this movie is that they showed that Magneto still has some power which means the cure doesn't totally work so they left it open for X4. Otherwise the movie is not as fast or strong as the last more on a back-story then one big climax but still a good movie.



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